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Shipps Electric has been in business since April of 1946 and was founded by Master Electrician Chester W. Shipps. It has been the oldest minority owned and operated electrical contractor in Springfield, Missouri. Before and after the death of, Chester Shipps, his son, David L. Shipps, has operated the business and, as of July 27, 2007, became the Master Electrician of the business. That date, interestingly enough, was Chester's birth date.

A sole proprietor with over 40 years of experience in the field of electrical installation and repair in the states of Washington, Missouri, and Alaska, David Shipps, is providing the same courteous, competitive and above standard attention to detail that has been the benchmark of Shipps Electric Service LLC..


Shipps Electric Service LLC. is your source for the installation and repair of a wide variety of electrical systems. From new home construction, rewiring of existing construction and individual service installation of special use applications (make this term open up a smaller window w/examples of special use applications when the user clicks on it) in the residential setting, we provide experience, flexibility, and attention to customer needs that is important in the ever-advancing electrical field.

"We've provided a Links page that may help with any questions you may have, and please get in touch with us by visiting our Contacts page".